Exhausted but Happy

Happy Sunday! I am one tired lady over here; it is only 8:30 and I am already in bed (finishing this post). Luckily, the rest of the day involved sitting on the couch, chatting with my in-laws, and cooking a prime rib roast on a Farberware.


I had one busy but fun weekend…see for yourself:

Lots of Dinners Out
We ate out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Growing up, my family rarely ate out, so now I love it. But three dinners out in a row is exhausting. Last night we went to The Tempest. Brody and I had been there once before and had a great experience, and this meal lived up to the first. Brody and his dad had the sturgeon, my step-mother-in-law had the flounder, and I had something like seafood brodetto (a special for the night which included mussels, shrimp, and salmon all in a tomato saffron broth). I highly recommend this restaurant if you like seafood. The building and design is super cool (there is a boat in the lobby/waiting room) and the waiters are all knowledgeable (and almost all have beards!).

Saturday afternoon we attended a funeral memorial service. This man was ninety-three years old and served in World War II, and this was the first funeral I had ever seen the military honors. The precision of the tradition was moving. Although this man was cremated, they still unfold the flag and retold it before giving to the wife.

I enjoyed a few adult beverages this weekend: Tyrenena stout (I mentioned this before), Cosmopolitan-like drink at Delmonico’s, a glass of Cabernet at Delmonico’s, Raspberry Kombucha Collins at Natt Spil, Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout at Cooper’s Tavern, Captain’s Daughter at The Tempest, and a little, little bit of Dr. McGuilacuty’s (sp?) while bowling today.

Saturday morning I ran 7.5 miles with Mel. The icy sidewalks slowed us down, but the temperature was around thirty degrees. I felt great the whole time. I brought the espresso Gu along but ended up not eating it. The snow covered trees provided a very pretty backdrop for our run.

I am looking forward to our 12 miler next Saturday. 🙂

Bowlin’ for Colons
Brody sits on a young leaders board for the UW Madison Carbone Cancer Center. One of their charities raises money for colon cancer, and our friend, Ryan, committed to filling a bowling alley. We bowled with Melissa and Gina (Wine and Recipe ladies), their significant others, and my friend Nicole. We had fun bowling two games, and Nicole and I, who traded off, bowled the lowest scores each time: 66 and 89. Although I felt a little off this morning, it felt good to participate in something like this.

Nicole, Jena, Mel, and me

On our nightly walk with the dogs, Brody and I decided to keep next weekend chill. We were busier than normal, and while these weekends are often fun, they leave us feeling like we need another day to mentally and physically prepare for the week. Notice on my list of activities grading was not listed. Those literary analysis essays will have to wait.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?
What should you have done but didn’t get to this weekend?

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