Frankie (the Movie Star), Gu, and In-laws

A handful of posts ago, I mentioned the story of how Frankie came to be in our family. We have had him now for two years and love him immensely.

Earlier this week, Frankie’s first mom emailed me with a strange request. She explained how she works for a video production company. They needed a dog for a commercial; would Frankie be interested?

My initial thought was “This is awesome! My dog is going to be on tv!” But then I wondered, “What if she wants to take him back?” Obviously that was completely irrational. Once I realized she wasn’t going to steal my dog, I became worried about something else. For the shoot, she would need to pick up Frankie from our house and drop him back off. Neither Brody nor myself could take off of work (“Yes sir, that’s right. I need to take the day off to be my dog’s agent.”). You see, Frankie is extremely neurotic and is inseparable from Moose (our other Golden). In the end, Brody and I banked on the hope that Frankie would recognize his first mom and not freak out.

Good news! It went swimmingly. Frankie’s first mom emailed me and said he did great. The commercial, which is for a local cable company, airs only in northern Wisconsin, but she promised to send us a video copy. Frankie made a little cash in the process, so Brody and I are thinking of writing up a resume and sending a few cover letters out. (Totally kidding.)

While Frankie was being a big shot, Moose went to day care alone. Moose is much more independent, and we weren’t concerned about him. I was intrigued to hear how he behaved without Frankie around, though. The owner told me Moose was much more active than normal and even humped a few dogs (very unusual for him).  Sounds like he had a fun day “ridin’ solo.”

In other news, it is snowing. Notice the missing exclamation point at the end of that statement. I can’t wait for Tuesday when it all melts. Yes, it is pretty on the trees…blah blah blah. Driving in it is not fun, though, and I am guessing the people in the ditch were not noticing the beautiful snow-covered branches. I am also a little crabby because I have a 7.5 miler scheduled for tomorrow with Mel. Running through snow concerns me because I don’t like the idea of cold, wet feet.

Speaking of my run, only one Gu remained in my cupboard as of Sunday. With basically every weekend requiring a long run, I knew I needed more fuel. My order from Amazon arrived today, just in time.


(Sorry for the blurry picture – iPad photos are not always the best)

There is a sentence I keep wanting to type here, but no matter how I phrase it, it sounds dirty (includes words like package, wet, Gu, box….ya, I know).

Moving on…check out the box of Gu treats!


I’ve heard the espresso flavor is good, so I may try that one first for the run tomorrow.  I also sampled one (literally one, not the whole package) of the Chomps, cherry flavor, which reminded me of Clif Shot Blocks. The box of twenty-five different items was $25 – not too bad. Plus, it had free shipping. Gotta love Super Saver Shipping. Also in the Amazon box were vacuum cleaner bags for our Swiss vacuum cleaner. Exciting stuff people.

Last night I lied to you. I thought we were going to The Old Fashioned, but we went to Greenbush (linked to the Yelp review, not the actual website) instead. The in-laws were craving salad and pizza, and Greenbush has some of the best pizza in town. Brody and I each started with a side salad and then shared a pizza topped with salami, fresh garlic, green peppers, and banana peppers. I had an oatmeal stout from Tyranena and lots of water. The in-laws each had caesar salads with anchovies and their own pizza.  It was nice catching up with them and enjoying good food in the cozy basement of Greenbush.

Tonight for dinner we are going to their favorite steak place (and the only one they have ever tried): Delmonico’s. While some people may say The Tornado Room has better steak, my in-laws have always had great food and service at Delmonico’s. The atmosphere is lovely as well. Filet mignon….here I come!  Do you think steak and red wine will make for a good run tomorrow? I guess we will have to wait and see.:)

Have a fantastic Friday night!

Do you know anyone in a commercial?
Brody knows the girl in the PedEgg one – they went to high school together.
What flavor of Gu (or similar energy gels) are your favorites?
So far, I like the Honey Stingers, but as for Gu, the mint holiday one was delicious.


One thought on “Frankie (the Movie Star), Gu, and In-laws

  1. I know Craig Culver! Nothing beats Wisconsin cheese in your burgers! Love the blog Ang, so proud of you 🙂

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