Thankful Thursday

Guess who forgot to do her one and only series last week? This girl. Thursdays are normally a little rough for me. My body is getting tired of only seven hours of sleep a night. Luckily Brody and I have something going on tonight to keep me from being a bump on a couch…I mean, log. We’re going out to dinner! Brody’s dad and stepmom flew in to Madison today and we’re taking them to The Old Fashioned. They have been to Wisconsin a handful of times and have tried many restaurants, but they have yet to try this one.

Now on to things I am thankful for:

Foodie Pen Pal Cookie Mix
Carrie, along with lots of goodies, sent me a mason jar of cookie mix. Because I had just made cookies, I didn’t get a chance to bake them before the reveal on Tuesday. This morning, I checked the list to see who was up for bringing treats tomorrow for Donee Days…and it was me! I got a little panicky because I like to bring good stuff, not store bought cookies or doughnuts. Unfortunately, on my to-do list after work included picking up the dry cleaning, getting the dogs from day care (and washing Frankie for his commercial shoot – more on that tomorrow), writing a blog post, and meeting the in-laws for dinner around 7pm. When was I going to fit in baking, and what could I make? Carrie’s cookie mix came to the rescue!

They were so easy to make, and I had less dishes than normal!

The recipe card said it made three dozen…and it made exactly three dozen! I sampled two just to make sure they were okay, and of course they were. My coworkers are going to love me tomorrow.

Brody has been fighting an illness and drinking lots of Emergen-C. I began drinking one after work as well (I don’t want to get sick either). We bought a three flavor pack from Costco of orange, raspberry, and tropical. I have previously had the “light” kind, but these (with only 25 calories), are so much better.

The Doctor’s Wife
Love this book! I am almost done with it and will hopefully have time to read tonight before bed. Up next? The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Not because I am doing it (but I want to try it eventually), but because Brody is doing it! He and his friend Jeff are doing the introductory classes. I am super proud of him for doing this – I hope he continues to like it.

A Mild Winter
Have I ever mentioned that I may be allergic to cold water? Well that is a story for another day, but I believe it is related to my dislike of cold weather. Having milder temperatures and little snow have made my life so much more enjoyable for a few reasons: 1) Walking at the dog park is a lot easier without snow, 2) This has been a great season to train for a marathon – all of my long runs have been outside in decent temps, and 3) I don’t complain as much when it is time to walk the dogs at night before we go to bed. Just so you know, we are supposed to get three to five inches of snow tomorrow, but it is also supposed to be 56 by Tuesday.

Time to touch up my makeup and hair before heading downtown for dinner. Have a great night!

What are you thankful for?
What book are you reading right now? Have you read The Doctor’s Wife or The Road?


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Tell your in-laws we said “Hi”! What was “the doctors wife” about? AND so great Brody is doing crossfit! Jp has lost a bunch of weight but just because he’s eating really healthy with me….still refusing to workout. ha!

    • I will tell them tonight. We’re going out to a nice steak dinner with them.
      The Doctor’s Wife (which I just finished!!!) is about two married couples. One is a doctor who works at an abortion clinic on the side. His wife begins an affair with an artist/professor who is also married. The artist’s wife is crazy and is involved in a super-religious group that is pro-life. Kind of a “fluff” book but very interesting, especially in light of all of the political discussions about birth control and abortions. I can bring it for you when we travel together this summer!
      That’s awesome that JP is losing weight. It is SO much easier for guys. I don’t think Brody has lost any yet, but I’m sure it’ll start falling off soon. Maybe JP should try Crossfit…should I have Brody casually drop that into conversation? Brody did mention that JP’s busy season just started though and that they haven’t been talking as much. Alright, time to grade – talk to you later!

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