Cupboard Overhaul

I consider myself an organized person.  As a teacher, organization is imperative.  As a homeowner, though, it’s not as important as it is with a job.  That’s why I fully supported Brody’s out of nowhere endeavor to reorganize post of the cupboards in our kitchen.  Someone must have a little spring cleaning bug…

There’s no steadfast rule as to where plates, dishes, and food belong.  When Brody and I moved into the house, it felt like we had so much room with all of the cupboards and closets.  In five years, though, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff.  Also, the organization system that worked a few years ago wasn’t really working anymore.

It felt therapeutic cleaning and reorganizing (and it was also a fantastic way to procrastinate grading personal narrative essays).  Into the trash went expired food (raisins that expired in 2006 anyone?).  We made a big pile for Goodwill (stemless martini glasses, baking dishes, beer holders, water bottles, etc.) and realized that we actually do have a lot of space for storage!   We were just doing a crappy job of using the space effectively.

We moved all of the plates, glasses, and bowls to the cupboard directly above the dishwasher and to the left of the sink – a logical switch.

The various jars with grains and such, bread, nut butters, honey, and drinks (mixes and teas) went in the cupboard to the right of the sink.

It may take a while to adjust to the new arrangement, but both Brody and I agree it makes more sense.  But please, if you really want to feel bad about your organizational skills (or being extremely impressed and wowed), check out Jen’s blog and post on organizing your kitchen.

Maybe this post inspired you to organize a cupboard, drawer, or closet.  Or maybe it helped you feel good about yourself because you realized there are more unorganized people out there than you.  Whatever the case may be, being organized does make life run just a little smoother.

Have a nice Monday night!


What is your organizational system for the kitchen?

Do you have any life-altering organization tips?


2 thoughts on “Cupboard Overhaul

  1. We had to unload the entire contents of the kitchen for the demo that starts tomorrow! I found some stuff that expired in 08… that means it was moved from apt to apt to house. I think your raisins trumped my granola mix! I love reorganizing and purging the kitchen and closests. Good luck keeping up with it!

    • It is good to purge clutter. I’ve been doing it with my closet recently – I know you used to have your system, one new clothing item in, one out. Do you still follow that “rule”? I love bringing stuff to Goodwill…plus it gives me a reason to go in and check out their book selection. They have great books for $1.39!!!! Perfect for building my personal library at school for my students.

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