Weekend Notes and Sunday’s To-Do List

I have had a great weekend (and it’s not even over yet!) and after reading Chelsey’s post this morning, I thought it would be a fun way to organize what I wanted to share.

Friday Notes
-BodyPump class
-clean the house (first level only)
-host Wine and Recipe Night (recipes coming in next post)

Saturday Notes
-standard pre-run breakfast (toast, sunflower seed butter, banana, iced coffee, and water)
-10 mile run with Mel (so much fun – we chatted the whole time and my legs felt great!)
-shower and smoothie
-dog park with dogs (of course) and Husband
-pizza at Cafe Porta Alba
-cupcake from Gigi’s Cupcakes (peanut butter and jelly flavored)
-nap on the couch
-blog reading and writing
-made chicken noodle soup for sick husband
-read my book (The Doctor’s Wife…so good)

Sunday To-Do List
(in no particular order)
-grade essays and quizzes (partially done this morning already)
-make pancakes for breakfast (plain for Brody, pumpkin for me)

-watch episodes of Lost
-dog park
-meal plan for the week
-grocery store
-run three miles

Questions: What was your Friday or Saturday notes? What is your to-do list for today?

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