Scrambled Oats?

Sad news. Taco Tuesday did not happen. We didn’t have any cheese. I offered to drive to Target (which is only a mile from our house), but Brody said I didn’t need to. He was feeling crappy yesterday with sinus pressure and a headache and said he wasn’t hungry anyways. Taco Wednesday doesn’t have a nice ring to it, but it will have to do.

This morning I “slept in” until 5:45am (Wednesdays have become my rest days), but actually I woke up about ten minutes before my alarm went off. I ended up dozing off a little again and then waking up one minute before my phone alarm went off. While most people probably do not like waking up earlier than their alarm, I love it. My body is saying it is ready; it also means I was not in the middle of a sleep cycle (which makes you groggy to wake up out of).

I was excited to not have to wash my hair (because of sweat) and to make hot oats for breakfast. Overnight oats hit the spot, but sometimes a girl needs something warm in the morning. A few bloggers have mentioned including an egg white in their oats for a little added protein. Once my oats were cooking in the water and almond milk, I mixed in the egg white. Hmmm…it kind of scrambled. I think maybe the trick is to heat everything at the same time. The texture was about the same, and it didn’t taste “eggy.” It just looked a little strange.

Can you see the bits of white? Although it wasn’t the prettiest breakfast, it sure held me over. I wasn’t hungry at all during my prep period, so I skipped my string cheese snack. Normally the hunger pangs start to hit around 11:00am, but today I felt nothing. I wasn’t even especially hungry for lunch at 12:45pm and ate less than I normally do. Maybe I should start eating an hard boiled egg white every morning with my overnight oats.

Because of my smaller lunch, I was quite hungry by the time I got home. I feasted on some Costco purchased cottage cheese, berries, and honey.


Per Bridget’s concern, I am trying to avoid fake sugar. Thanks for looking out for me Friend! I also had a small handful of barbecue Popchips.

I have kind of been in a funk (mainly teaching related) for the last two days. Well, I think it is gone – yah! I received a sweet email from a colleague and then a student from last semester stopped by to give me a doughnut. Awww. It was her birthday and she brought doughnuts for her first hour class. There was an extra and she brought it to me! I enjoyed a small chunk and left the rest in the break room off the library for someone to eat. (If you think leaving partially eaten food is weird, my coworkers must not because it was gone by lunch….and I used a knife not my teeth when I took my portion.)

Now I am off to the dog park and Target for cheese, and maybe spinach, oohh, and maybe some flavored coffee….

How do you snap out of a work-related funk?
What breakfast keeps you full until lunch?
What items do you unnecessarily buy at Target?


2 thoughts on “Scrambled Oats?

  1. Count me in with the overnight oats fan club. I usually heat my oats in the morning. I add an egg white and some chia seeds and a bit more water and then microwave for 2 minutes. I’ll eat them cold if I’m on the go.

    What is it about teachers’ lounges and food? I send my husband to school with all kinds of leftovers that I can’t keep in the house.

    • Good idea with re-heating your overnight oats! I should check if there’s a microwave at my gym. I get ready at my gym in the morning, which is why overnight oats work so well for me. I didn’t add an egg white this morning – we’ll see how long they hold me over.

      It is a funny thing about teachers’ lounges. Other schools are worse than mine – we only bring treats on Fridays and there’s only a handful of twenty teachers who participate in “Donee Days.” Is your husband a teacher too?

      I tried the Ghiradelli hot cocoa you sent me and it was amazing! I’ve also just bought the cheaper stuff, but there is a huge difference. It was so chocolately and not fake-tasting. Thank you again 🙂

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