Intervals and Dog Presents

As I posted last week, my motivation has been waning, especially when it comes to those early morning treadmill sessions. I keep telling myself that it will be light out at 5:15am again soon, so until then, my dates with the treadmill continue.

For much of my marathon training, my two weekday runs are four miles each. I used to think I could never be a morning runner, but now pumping out four miles before the sun has risen doesn’t seem too bad. The monotony, though, is what is killing me.

To make my treadmill sessions speed by, I do a few things:

1) Have a good magazine in front of me

I don’t know how, but I am able to read magazines while I run. I must not bounce much? The best magazines to read while I am running are Fitness, Health, Shape, Self, and Runner’s World.

2) Watch and listen to tv

Apparently I need to be stimulated in multiple ways when I run on the treadmill. Unless I am running with a friend outside, I hate to hear myself breathe. The tv is more for background noise, but I do watch the news in the morning and pay attention to some stories. Otherwise I’ll watch just about anything on the Food Network or some terrible reality show on MTV.


Everyone and their mom has figured out that intervals help the time fly by – not sure what took me so long. It’s not like I had never heard of them. It always just felt fine to set it at a speed and run. For one of my two weekday runs, I have been doing this: .4 miles at 5.8 and .1 mile at 6.2, repeating it eight times to equal four miles. Besides helping me physically, I like the feeling of accomplishing each mini-goal each half mile.

Now on to the other part of my post: dog presents (the kind your dogs leave for you, not vice versa).

Yesterday, I got home to find a nice present of poo and pee in the family room courtesy of Moose. From everything I’ve read, there is no point in getting angry at the dog or yelling at him/her. While I did not yell, I scolded him and was crabby for the rest of the night. I should also say that Moose does not stay in one spot as he does his business. Add to that the fact that he is over one hundred pounds, and, well, you get the idea. Cleaning up his excrement was not the way I wanted to spend the first twenty minutes home from work. Brody and I think it was either something he ate over the weekend or just the change in routine. One reason dogs relieve themselves is because of something being different. My mom had been here this weekend and stayed until Monday morning. This may have thrown off Moose’s schedule.

Today, I came home…and…no messes!!! However, I did find one present.


If you can’t see, that’s a dead mouse (along with two toys, one of which is an orange moose). With it being so warm and not having much snow, these dead critters are a lot easier for my dogs to find. I’m guessing it was Moose because that’s his MO. Moose is the hunter; last year he killed a bunny…on Easter! I should really save that story for Easter though.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday. Brody LOVES tacos and wanted them last night, but I thought it’d be way more fun to eat them today (mainly because of the alliteration factor). Not sure what else I’m going to make for dinner this week. Any suggestions?

Have a great night!


How do you pass the time while doing cardio on machines?

Do your animals ever bring you presents?

What recipes do you love? Please share 🙂


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