No Photo Saturday = Epic Fail

I have no excuse. My camera sat in the bottom of my purse the entire day, yet did I take any photos? Nope. It is unfortunate because I had a great day and wish I had visual documentation. All you get is words – I hope you’ll forgive me. I promise to try to be better tomorrow.

Brody and I went to the last home hockey game (that we’d be able to go to) last night. The Badgers lost to the Pioneers, and it was sad. We were home and in bed by 10am. We are wild people on Friday nights, let me tell you.

It felt amazing to sleep in past 6am and wake up without an alarm. I enjoyed my standard pre-run breakfast of toast with sunflower seed butter and a banana. I had time to enjoy a few cups of coffee as well. I love the quiet, slow pace of weekend mornings.

My training schedule has me up to eight miles. My friend Nicole hasn’t been able to run as often as she’d like, so she ran the first three with me, and I took off for five on my own. We ran out towards Olin Park, and my loop took me out to the hospital and back up Johnson. It was a great run and made my confidence soar! At REI last weekend, I picked up a peppermint holiday edition Gu on sale (for 43 cents!). It was surprisingly delicious and refreshing; I wish I had bought more. That little boost of carbs around mile four helped me finish strong. I am excited to tackle ten miles next Saturday with Nicole and another friend.

After showering, cleaning, and eating lunch, my mom arrived (she is visiting this weekend) and we headed out to do some shopping: Marshall’s, DSW, World Market, and Costco. Does anyone else shop to “bond”? It was a fun afternoon, but my legs were tired from my run (and BodyPump yesterday). I scored a cute color blocked dress, blue heels, and an orange top for only $66. Success!

We worked up quite an appetite and headed to The Olive Garden because my mom had a gift card. Who knew The Olive Garden would be so busy at 5:30!?!? A forty minute wait for two people! The wait was worth it though, and we both got the house salad and the seafood brodetto. Plus those deep fried breadsticks are incredible. Don’t think that we didn’t each save a little room for cheesecake when we got home. šŸ™‚

Now, at home, Mom is in bed (she wakes up at 2:30am to work at a bakery) and I am relaxing on the couch. I am about to go downtown to meet up with the Husband and some friends. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we end up at The Merchant so I can have The Regret, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up at Monday’s.

How was your Saturday?
Did you have a good workout?
Do you ever eat at The Olive Garden?


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