Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the third installment of Thankful Thursday! In no particular order, here is what I appreciated today.


That is Frankie there next to my hand holding the Strawberry Serenity Kombucha by Synergy. He wanted to be in the picture. Hyvee had these on sale – two for $6! I like the way they taste (except for the green one – yuck!) and they just make me feel better. The grocery store closest to me carries two flavors, but they sell for $4.50 each! This is probably one of the few items that is actually cheaper at Whole Foods than Copps. If these things were cheaper, I would drink one daily. I know I could start brewing my own, but I tried fermenting a food (kefir) for a while and I eventually gave up. Well, that is kind of a lie. I tried using coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and it got all funky. Moving on…

Skinny Taste
Seriously LOVE this blog! Great healthy, practical recipes. I have been starting here when I want to plan out a few meals for the week. Tonight I made the sloppy joes.

Of course sloppy joes are not appealing to the eye, but I was happy with this recipe. Unfortunately our food processor died, and I had to use the blender to mince the veggies (carrots, onion, garlic, and mushrooms). Without any liquid, the mincing was not happening. Later in the recipe, you add tomato sauce, so I added it to the veggie party to get things moving. It worked but ended up pureeing everything which made for a different texture than what Gina had probably intended. Regardless, I ate them for dinner on a bagel thin and now have a satisfied, vegetable-filled tummy.

A Good Run
Two days ago, I complained about not feeling enthusiastic about my workouts. Luckily, I woke up on the right side of the bed (or not in REM sleep) and popped out of bed…after the husband woke me up. I didn’t hear my alarm but he did. Maybe that is the solution! Brody could be my 5:00am alarm clock everyday! Back to my run…I felt strong and did some intervals: .4 mile at 5.7 and .1 mile at 6.2 repeated eight times to make four miles. Even doing small intervals like that help the time go by so much quicker.

I heart books. This should be no surprise considering I teach English. After much cajoling by Brody, I read The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. In high school, we read The Old Man and the Sea, and in an American Literature course in college, I read some of his short stories. While I can appreciate his prose and his influence on American literature, I still can say I do not enjoy his works; I will continue to appreciate them though.

I started a new book today and it is not from the canon. The Doctor’s Wife is a psychological thriller “about four people and the cataclysmic intersection of their lives” (from back of book). It has a strong beginning and seems to jump between all four characters as narrators. I am only twenty-six pages in, but maybe I will do a book review when I finish it,

Also related to books was this video I watched today. Fantastic! If you have fifteen minutes and you love books, you will enjoy this.

That is it for today. Please take a moment today to consider what you are thankful for (and put it in the comments if you’d like to share)!


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