Wednesday was a Good Day

Yesterday I took a big leap: I told people (my close friends) that I have been blogging and I gave them the address. I quickly sent the email before I had another second to question it. Up until this moment, the only people who read whatever randomness I have to share had been my husband, Bridget, and a handful of people who I have never met. To these people, I say THANK YOU! Thank you all for being my audience during my blog’s infancy. I appreciate you and hope you stick around to see where this goes!

Wednesdays have become my rest days, and let me tell you – sleeping that extra 45 minutes was ah-mazing! The break in the middle of the week works for me, and hopefully I will be more enthusiastic tomorrow at 5:00am. Getting ready at home in the morning also means eating something other than my beloved overnight oats, so I made pumpkin protein pancakes from Julie’s blog. They were fantastic and a great way to start my morning. They also paired perfectly with the pumpkin spice coffee I am drinking. Yes, I had a fall-inspired breakfast in February (which is technically still winter) on a day that felt more like spring. Confused much?

Speaking of overnight oats, here’s my basic arrangement:
-1/2 cup of oats
-1/2 cup of milk (I use almond or cow)
-1/2 cup of yogurt (flavored or plain)
-1/2 tablespoon of chia seeds
-one banana sliced thinly
-one tablespoon of peanut butter or sunflower seed butter

Add-ins may include more fruit (frozen blueberries), canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, a Splenda packet, or jam.

Because Brody had other commitments last night and didn’t get home until 9:30pm, he is making me dinner tonight: salmon, asparagus, and parmesan couscous. There may be some wine and dessert (cheesecake or Kit Kats) consumed as well.


And it is time for dinner…night!


What do you normally eat for breakfast?

What was your Valentine’s Day meal?


8 thoughts on “Wednesday was a Good Day

  1. Way to go sharing with people! I just started a few weeks ago also and haven’t told my boyfriend yet, I feel like its a dirty secret that I will eventually bust out and tell him though : ) I kind of like having a little hobby on the side. It is amusing though that whenever I’m cooking us dinner I will snap pictures and now I just think he thinks I’m weird haha

    Breakfast – I am an oatmeal with soy / almond milk gal and some fruit or egg white omelets with whatever vegetables I happen to have in my fridge! When I travel (which is weekly) I do steel cut oats and fruit!

    Keep up the blogging!!

    • I’m sure he’ll be proud of you when you tell him about your “dirty little secret.” I always thought my husband would think it was silly for me to start a blog, but one day out of the blue he suggested it. I had been thinking about it for a while and his suggestion gave me the confidence to start writing!

      Love omelets also, but I tend to make them only on the weekends because they take time. For a while last year I was making eggs in a mug (two eggs, spinach, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, and a little milk). Way to get your veggies in also!

  2. Hi! I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I read this post and just had to share: my boyfriend made me valentines day dinner and it consisted of: salmon, asparagus, and mashed Parmesan potatoes! haha, practically exact!

    Anyways, I look forward to reading more:)

  3. It’s hard to make the leap and let friends and family read my blog. Both of my In-laws read now and it’s a little weird, but it’s my blog and I have to remind myself of that.

    I eat overnight oats for breakfast just about every single day. Yummy!

  4. way to go anjaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m going to tell you this only once though……..STOP using Splenda! They use chlorine in it. Please stop : ) K, love you bye, keep up the good blogging.

    • I know, I know 😦 And I do know better. I hadn’t been using it for a while, but I just started putting a half packet in my overnight oats. I use plain yogurt and it lacks flavor. I sometimes use other real sugars (like I listed) – I should stick to those, huh? Thanks for looking out for me Ridgey!

      • yes please! I don’t do oats (they hurt my stomach) so I don’t know if it doesn’t take to other sweeteners like some things; but have you tried out that truvia stuff? They have it in the raw now too. I’m not sure if it works as effectively but give it a try! Have an awesome weekend!

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