Valentine’s Day is Today

In case you missed the memo, today is Valentine’s Day. I am not one to dress up according to the holidays, so unlike about two-thirds of the staff at my school, I did not wear red or pink. I am not a anti-VD (Valentine’s Day, not venereal disease, but I am anti that too), it is just that Brody and I are not big Valentine’s Day people. He sent flowers to my school (roses, lilies, and carnations – beautiful), and I got him a card and Kit Kat bars (one-third of which are the white chocolate kind – his favorite).

I have NOT been feeling my workouts lately, especially the 5:30am ones. I keep telling myself “You never regret a workout,” my mantra to get my butt out of bed, but I am worried that is going to stop working. Once the weather warms up and the sun comes up a little earlier, running outside in the morning will be easier. Should I switch up my workouts? Start working out after work? Tomorrow is my rest day, so maybe after a day off I will feel rejuvenated.

On my drive home, I tried a new-to-me Larabar – Ginger Snap. I like ginger flavored things but was not a fan of this flavor.

If you cannot tell, that is my thumb in the downward direction. Luckily, I found a box of eight Larabars for sale at Target for $6.80! I know the peanut butter and chocolate flavors will restore my love of these perfect snacks.

Today I shipped my box of goodies to my foodie penpal, Mariza. Of course I cannot tell you what I sent her; you will just have to wait for her post at the end of the month! I received my package this weekend from my foodie penpal already and have been enjoying it every since. Thanks again Carrie!

Speaking of tonight, Brody had a workout “date” with a couple guy friends and a meeting right after. My romantic evening included the dog park with my friend Jena, Target, a massive salad, dishes, laundry, wine and chocolate, and The Biggest Loser.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! And if you didn’t get a chance to play the video on Google’s homepage, check it out.

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