Recipes: What I Make

I have made this often.


This meal is easy, delicious, and healthy. Even Brody, who isn’t a big vegetable eater, enjoys this one. I use lean ground turkey instead of chicken and probably add more edamame and snow peas than it calls for.

I made this cheesecake on Saturday.


It truly is incredible and extremely rich. You only need a very small slice. This would be a very impressive dessert to make for a dinner party; plus it needs to cool in the fridge for at least eight hours to set properly, so you could make it the day before.

I made this stew for the first time yesterday.


I used Italian sausage like the recipe calls for because I was hoping my husband would eat it. He did, but said it was just okay. I am sure chicken or turkey sausages would work just as well, and they would obviously bring down the fat and calories some.

I plan to make this for dinner Wednesday night.


In our household, we use Manwich. I grew up with Spanish Hamburgers which are basically a different name for the same thing. My mom put different spices and tomato sauce (maybe ketchup?) together with ground beef and let it simmer. Brody grew up with Manwich. Surprisingly I have come to enjoy this sauce from a can. Even more surprising is when Brody said yes to me making sloppy joes from scratch. I am excited to try Gina’s recipe.

What are some of your favorite recipes? What recipes are you hoping to try soon?

P.S. I hope I gave everyone proper credit when using their photos and recipes.


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