Forensics (mind), Running (soul), and Sushi (body)

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  This is true for a lot of things in life: doing work, cleaning the house, working out, starting a blog post, etc.  Once I get going, I’m normally fine, but that initial “oomph” can be challenging.

Now that I got that off my mind, let’s recap my “Busy Busy Bee” day.

The forensics tournament was fun!  If you, like me before teaching high school, have never heard of forensics, it is not CSI stuff.  Forensics is the art of speaking, and in a forensics tournament, students compete against each other in various categories.  The three I judged were Prose Interpretation, Solo Acting Serious, and Special Occasion.  For this tournament, there were three rounds and all students perform their piece(s) in each round.  Those who score the highest overall move on to the Power round.  For the first three rounds, only one judge critiques and scores each performance, but there were three judges in each room for the Power round.  The best performance I saw was in the Special Occasion category.  A young man wrote a graduation speech to preschoolers – it was hilarious and very entertaining to watch (facial expressions, gestures, and general movement).  I have already signed up to judge two more tournaments this year!

The school that hosts the tournament provides meals for the judges, so of course I will share these details.  One of the coaches of the hosting school has parents who own their own catering company in Iowa.  They drove from Iowa Friday night and prepared the most amazing food.

Breakfast choices were two kinds of muffins, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, fruit, cereal, and coffee.  I had one muffin (the oatmeal apple hickory nut kind), an egg, and a banana.

For lunch they had sandwiches with cold cuts, a veggie platter, tomato soup (with tomatoes from their garden), and cheesecake with berry compote.  I had all of thee above, thankyouvermuch.

I headed home after the tournament ready to tackle my run.  When I was planning my day on Friday, I failed to consider it would still be dark outside at 6:00am and I do not like running in the dark by myself.  I allowed myself to sleep in (to 6:30am on Saturday!!! – sarcasm) knowing I’d run in the afternoon.

Because I accidentally ran a mile less on Thursday and because it was so dang beautiful out yesterday, I ran five.  I needed only one long sleeve layer because it was 42 degrees and sunny.  It was a great run, and despite a little twing in my right butt cheek between mile one and two, I felt strong, finishing in 48 minutes.

Before my five miles...not sweaty and nasty makes for a better picture

With training for this marathon, I want to do my best to not overeat after runs.  I’m not looking to lose weight with this endeavor, but I’d prefer to not gain any.  It is important to eat after working out though, so I snacked on an orange and the new passion fruit Chobani.  The flavor was yummy (kind of citrusy), but the seeds through me off a little.  I would eat it again, but I prefer the other two new flavors (Apple Cinnamon and Blood Orange) over this one.

As mentioned before, Brody and I had dinner plans with another couple.  We got to Muramoto a little early and decided to grab a drink next door at Natt Spil.  I love kombucha and was psyched to see it on their drink menu (mixed with alcohol, obviously).  The Raspberry Kombucha Collins tasted amazing.  Natt Spil does not advertise and they have no sign outside and they only take cash.  Brody and I looked over the food menu and want to come back for food.

Around 7:00pm we met up with our friends for dinner.  Continuing with cocktail consumption, I ordered the Sunset Over Soho (grapefruit juice, lychee, and rum).  We proceeded to polish off three appetizers (asian salad, scallops, and kobe ribeye).

The four of us ordered six different rolls and we polished them all off.  I think the ladies ate more than the guys (but they each were “under the weather” for different reasons).  And of course we got dessert; we asked the waiter to surprise us, and we were pleasantly surprised when the strawberry spring rolls came out.  The food and service at Muramoto was excellent, as was the company.

Now it is Sunday, and I’m not running all over the place.  I was able to fit in a yoga class this morning at Inner Fire Yoga so I’m feeling pretty relaxed.  Enjoy your Sunday!


Were you in forensics in high school?  Nope – I didn’t know it even existed!  

What is your favorite sushi roll? Spicy tuna, dragon, or just cucumber

How often do you go to yoga? Sadly only once every month or so – it’s hard being 35 mins from the studio 😦


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