Busy Busy Bee

Happy Friday! It was not my intention to have yet another title using alliteration, but it happened and I am okay with it. I had a jam-packed day and have another one tomorrow. Here’s the low-down…

One of my professional goals is to improve my teaching and always be looking for new ways to get kids thinking deeply.  I went to a reading conference in Milwaukee and had so much fun! I have gone to this particular conference for the last three years and I always come back inspired and refreshed. A session led by Carol Jago really hit home for me, and I can’t wait to use what I learned from her in the classroom next week already.  This conference was a little different than past ones because I knew two people presenting; a college friend, Nicole, presented a session about “brain speech” and a colleague friend of mine presented about reading interventions at the secondary level. I am very proud of both of them!


One session I attended emphasized the importance of writing in front of your students and seeing yourself as a writer, which is one of the reasons I started this blog! Yah for self-reflection and growth!

When I got back to town, I picked up the dogs from daycare, dropped them off at home, and headed to meet Brody for dinner before the hockey game. We ended up at Brickhouse BBQ; I had a Celebration by Sierra Nevada and the Pulled Pork Cobb salad (and of course forgot to take a photo – epic fail). It was delicious even though they forgot the hard boiled egg. We ate quickly and headed to the Badger hockey game.

“This is the worst day of my life so far.”
-Brody, 9:58pm

This quote should be an indicator for how the Badgers played. It was not pretty: multiple fights, roughing the goalie (us roughing theirs), and a score of 0-5 when we left at the end of the second period.

Wisconsin Badgers losing to St. Cloud State Huskies

To continue my busyness, I need to run four miles tomorrow morning, meet a coworker friend for coffee at 7:30am, and judge a forensics tournament from 8:30am to mid-afternoon. B and I have dinner plans tomorrow night with another couple; we are going to Muramoto. Not only is their sushi fantastic, they make a killer cocktail called Sunset Over Soho.

Whether your weekend is busy and active or lazy and slow, have great one!


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