Tuesday Rambles and an Easy Dessert Recipe

The three miles on the treadmill this morning at 5:40am felt pretty terrible. After taking a week off from BodyPump, the hour long class last night kicked my butt…and my hamstrings and my chest. My legs were heavy and I was slow. Hopefully the run shook off some of the soreness. When I first trained for a half marathon, I only ran: no elliptical, no yoga, and no BodyPump. Cross-training and lifting helped me run a faster second half marathon, and hopefully will help me run a successful full marathon at the end of May.

The baby shower was a fun, after school activity. My cupcakes were overshadowed by a much better dessert which I will provide the recipe for now. I have no idea what the official name is, but if they are delicious, does that minor detail matter?

Brownie Chocolate Rice Crispees (made that up…doesn’t really roll off the tongue)
– brownie mix (and necessary ingredients)
– 2 cups of marshmallows
– 3 cups of rice crispees
– 1 cup of chocolate chips
– 1 cup of butterscotch chips
– 1 cup of peanut butter

1) Make brownies but with only two eggs for recommended time
2) Add layer of marshmallows over brownies and put back into oven to melt (2 mins)
3) Mix rice crispees with melted chocolate, butterscotch chips, and peanut butter; spread over marshmallows
4) Allow to cool and then serve!

That ugly pile of dishes you saw last night? I took care of them while Brody took the dogs for a walk. It was around 50 degrees today, and the dog park is likely a muddy mess. I have plans to go tomorrow to meet with my friend Jena and her dog Ruger. Baths for the dogs might also be on the schedule.

My work week feels half over already; I am attending a conference on Friday in Milwaukee. I have two friends presenting as well! Conferences inspire me and provide me with many ideas for how I can be a better teacher. I am lucky that my school district is so supportive of teachers pursuing professional development opportunities.

Have a great night!

P.S. Sorry for the absence of pictures – I need to be better about bringing my camera with me and actually remembering to take pictures.

P.P.S. I signed up for the foodie penpal program for the month of February that Lindsay organizes. I can’t wait to go shopping for my penpal and to receive my package in the mail.


One thought on “Tuesday Rambles and an Easy Dessert Recipe

  1. You know I read an article in last months…..crap Fitness or something magazine and they were talking about how when you are super sore a lot of people say to take a rest day, which you should listen to your body, BUT if its just soreness, that its actually better to do something like 3 miles etc. Hopefully you got all that lactic acid out and you’ll be ready to jam tomorrow 🙂

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