Snack Attack

I am a big snacker, and it is from my mother. Growing up, she snacked between meals. Unlike the laugh I use when I am annoyed with my husband that is identical to the one she used with my dad, this learned habit does not bother me. It is healthy to snack between meals, especially if your meals are further than five hours apart.

As a teacher, my schedule, and lunch, changes each semester. During first semester, I ate lunch at 10:45am, but now I eat at a more normal lunch time of 12:40pm. My breakfast is consumed around 7pm on my drive to work. For me, over five hours between meals is a long time, and no matter how much I eat or how protein-filled my breakfast is, my stomach begins growling by 11am. I need to start eating a small (and VERY quick) snack mid-morning. This got me thinking about all of my favorite snacks that are healthy, satisfying, and do not set me back 300 or more calories (Mr. Cereal, I am looking at you in particular).

Granola bars
In a pinch, I will turn to a granola bar. We always have them in the house, everything from Special K bars to Nature Valley crunch bars. Some granola bars have lots of ingredients with words I cannot pronounce (Fiber One bars) while others have short and recognizable ingredients (Larabars). The lack of protein in most granola bars is my biggest concern though.


This is the granola bar I ate after school before BodyPump.

Hard boiled eggs
When eaten in private (because some people may be offended by the odor) eggs are fantastic quick snacks. It is easy to boil half a dozen for the week; I put the water and eggs in the pot at the same time and then turn on the burner with a cover. After the water starts to boil, turn the burner off, keep the lid on, and set the timer for ten minutes. At the buzzer, drain the water and fill the pot with ice and cold water. This trick makes peeling the eggs easy-peasy. One egg has only around 70 calories, depending n the size, and 12.6 grams of protein.

I am cheap and therefore do not always have nuts in the house. However, like eggs, they are high in protein and the fats keep you satisfied. Also like eggs, they can be eaten quickly and discretely. My favorite nuts are walnuts, pecans, and roasted almonds.

String cheese
Yet another high-protein packed snack to the rescue. Most of the time, because I need to shove the food into my face between classes, I do not have the chance to savor the cheese and eat it as it should be eaten. Like nuts, cheese has the protein and fat to hold off my stomach music for another two hours. It is also portion controlled which I appreciate.

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Oops! How did these get here? While these are definitely not a great snack, they are a sweet treat for a baby shower…like the one I am attending tomorrow for a colleague who is having a baby girl in March.

I purposefully took this photo with all of my dirty dishes in the background. I am not ashamed of leaving them there until tomorrow night.

I missed one step in the directions and accidentally added both the baking powder and baking soda at the same time instead of mixing the vinegar and baking soda in at the end. I sampled one just to make sure they were okay. They were 🙂
*note: I love the recipes on Gina’s blog. I have made multiple recipes and am always happy.

Question: What is your favorite healthy snack? Favorite not so healthy snack?


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