Chocolate – Friend or Foe?

Most days, when I’m not at a beer and cheese festival, I believe I live a pretty balanced life.  I have never been addicted to anything, never had an eating disorder (despite being involved in ballet for most of my pre-college years…but that’s a story for another time), and stayed pretty even keel in my emotional well-being.  Maybe this is why I have this ridiculous struggle in my head regarding chocolate.

I love chocolate, but my favorite is dark.  I like chocolate by itself, but also enjoy the classic combos: peanut butter, fruit (bananas or strawberries), mint, caramel, and the list could go on.  Every so often, though, this little voice in my head tells me I shouldn’t love chocolate and that I shouldn’t eat it.  Unfortunately, while I can be balanced when it comes to most things in life, I struggle with cutting myself off from chocolate once I start.  It’s not like I eat so much that I make myself sick, but that I eat more than I really should.  This voice tells me I should not eat it…ever.  But the other voice says “Eat chocolate; studies prove it is good for you! Let yourself indulge – you deserve it!”  Like the angel and devil on each shoulder, I hear both voices.  Most of the time, the “eat chocolate” voice wins.

(Please don’t think I’m schizophrenic – I don’t really hear voices)

IMO, food should not be labeled good or bad.  Food is food.  Both fortunately and unfortunately, emotions are attached to food.  We attach memories to food, including lovely memories, like eating gelato (from two different places in one sitting) in Paris, drinking cheap red wine in Switzerland while playing euchre, and chowing down on my husband’s burgers in the summer on our back patio.

Amazing and famous place for gelato

Some people also attach their negative memories and experiences to food and attempt to supress feelings with ice cream, cookies, chips, or maybe chocolate.

I feel lucky that I am able to live a balanced life.  I can buy healthy food, afford a gym membership and race fees, and have friends and loved ones who support my decisions (i.e. run a full marathon).  If one “problem” in my life is my inner-struggle involving my consumption of chocolate, I would say I am one fortunate lady.

Question: Which food(s) do you struggle with?


2 thoughts on “Chocolate – Friend or Foe?

    • Ooohh…great idea! The other food I struggle with is cereal – I can’t stop with just a little bit. I end up having three servings, so I’ve stopped buying cereal for myself.

      Also, YEAH for my first comment ever – thanks Ridgey!!!

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