My Marathon Goal

I guess if my blog’s title involves the word goal I should talk about my goals. I’d like to start with the most tangible goal: running a full marathon.

My running life really started a year and a half ago at The Stadium (a bar across from Camp Randall on the UW campus) before a Badger football game. Dressed in red and white, a few of my college friends and I decided to run the half marathon in Madison at the end of May. I trained alone…and loved it. The feeling that my body experienced sometime after six miles was amazing. It is difficult to describe, but it almost becomes meditative; your body runs without effort and your mind is just there. I finished my first half in 2:11.

Nicole (who ran for two…baby inside!), me, Amy, and Kristen after the Madison half marathon

After Switzerland, I signed up for the Haunted Hustle at the end of October. Despite dealing with runner’s knee for the first month of training, I had a great race and finished in 2:08. For this race I did many of my longer runs with my friend, Nicole, who also met me for four miles in the middle of the race. I also did a better job of pacing myself and fueling at proper times, both mistakes I made in my first half.

Nicole and I running through the Middleton Pheasant Branch Conservancy

At the end of 2011, I started thinking about the next year, and on December 31, I signed up for the Madison Marathon. My training started a few weeks ago, but basically I will be running three short runs a week, one long run, and doing BodyPump once or twice a week. That leaves one or two rest days a week. I can’t wait to start new personal distance records!

Some of the gear and goodies I have found to work for me as a runner include…
-Asics Gel Nimbus 12 shoes
-Under Armour tank with built in bra
-Champion sports bra from Target (to wear under tank with built in bra)
lululemon insight pants for outdoor cold weather running
Honey Stingers (delicious!!!!)
-Garmin 110
-health magazines (to read while running on treadmills…yes, I can read while running and not fall off the ‘mill or get nauseous)

I don’t have a time goal in mind, but expect to finish in 4:30 or so. I just want to finish the full in one piece and with a smile on my face…probably through some tears of happiness (and pain or exhaustion).

Do you have any big fitness goals this year? Please share!


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