Beer and Cheese Festival

Yesterday was a day of balance and controlled debauchery. As I mentioned earlier, Brody and I and a group of friends bought tickets for the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Festival. Before that, though, was the healthier part of the day.

Healthy Choices
-breakfast: bagel thin with TJ’s sunflower butter on one half and light cream cheese on the other and a banana
-dog park: only one lap because the snow gets packed into Moose and Frankie’s paws and turns into ice balls
-gym: five miles on my training schedule today
-lunch: yogurt mess bowl (plain Greek yogurt, canned pears, raw oats, chia seeds, low sugar jam, and more sunflower butter)

After stopping at Copps for pretzel necklace supplies and getting ready, we headed downtown. Last year when we went to this, the cab situation was not good; we waited for a cab for over an hour and didn’t get to the Alliant Energy Center until 3pm (it started at 2pm). We learned our lesson and called the cab company at 1pm and arrived at 1:40pm.

Pretzel necklaces made by yours truly

This is where all of my healthy choices of the morning were “balanced” with not so healthy (but fun and delicious) choices.

Not So Healthy Choices
-ice cream: Sassy Cow Creamery cherry chocolate (yes…I started with ice cream at a beer and cheese festival)
-beer: I stuck to lots of IPAs, stouts, and porters

Lake Louie Beer was sadly gone by the time we got to the stand

-cheese: Ellsworth garlic cheese curds and Seymour Cheese cheddar blue were the winners

Ellsworth cheese curds (available at Hyvee)

-food: beer floats, fondue, salami, and mushrooms

Amazing salami - we bought the Pig Red

-dinner: turkey sandwich and truffle fries at Tipsy Cow

It was a great festival and much better than last year. They doubled the space and added more tables for sitting. Ian’s Pizza and the Banzo food truck were both there, which was genius. My only complaint is that there weren’t enough dumping containers if you didn’t like a beer or just were done with it. Overall, yesterday was a great day!

Today is going to be a little more low key. I already made it to the dog park (two laps!) and did the dishes. The dogs need baths, our house needs a bath, and I might give myself a bath at some point too. That will probably happen after my scheduled three mile run. Oh, and I have some grading.

Have a great Sunday!

Have you ever been to a beer festival? Which one(s)?

What is your favorite cheese?


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