Switzerland is for Lovers

Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow is a jeans day at my school and “Donee Day”; plus, I have a wine and recipe party get together tomorrow night. Then on Saturday B, myself and two other couples are going to the Beer and Cheese Festival. We are making pretzel necklaces to wear as food and chasers to the delicious (and sometimes not so delicious) beer. So, needless to say, I have a lot of great stuff to look forward to. Within all of that fun, I also have a whole lot of grading. See, today and tomorrow are final exams at the high school where I teach. I don’t really remember taking final exams in high school, but I definitely remember studying for college exams.

Another big thing I am starting to look forward to is our 4th annual summer trip to Switzerland. B’s dad and stepmom moved there about six years ago, and we are fortunate enough to visit them once a year. The first year we went was also for our honeymoon, and along with staying in Switzerland, we stayed in Greece. The second year we included a trip to Paris. Last year, along with our friends JP and Bridget, we stayed in Switzerland but explored other areas of the country.


Switzerland is a gorgeous country with incredible mountains and so much greenery! The picture above was taken from the hotel room in Lauterbrunnen. It is in a valley with the greenest grass and massive cliffs on both sides. This flat land provided me with one of the best runs of my life. Despite having hurt my knee the day before after a long hike, which ended up being runner’s knee, I set out on a run. I expected to do three miles, but the scenery kept me going for over six. I had the best runner’s high for the rest of the day.

This summer, the four of us (JP and Ridgey are coming again!) plan to explore Croatia. B keeps telling me there are lots of nude beaches, but I think he is joking…not about there being nude beaches but inferring that we may actually go to one. While Switzerland is gorgeous, it doesn’t have the beachy (swimsuits included) feel that sometimes a girl needs. Let’s hope I don’t put on any marathon pounds while training this spring 🙂

What do you remember about final exams?
Do you have any fun trips planned?


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