Pulled Pork = Happy Bellies

When I teach my students how to write an essay, I always recommend writing the body of it before the introduction. Why? In my mind, if you haven’t written the pork meat of the piece, how can you create a beginning? This is why I am starting here…with a recipe and a story. Maybe I will doing more of a beginning later…or maybe not.

My husband doesn’t love the Crockpot. Unlike the Real Simple editor who professes her undying love for this appliance in this month’s issue, B would be perfectly happy if it permanently collected dust on the floor of our coat closet turned pantry. To my surprise, I learned that B really likes pulled pork.

I first found a recipe on allrecipes showing pork being cooked in root beer. This has been my go-to liquid for cooking pork ever since; I have also used cola and Dr. Pepper if I didn’t have root beer or was too lazy to go to the store. Then, this fall, I ate dinner at Jordan’s Big Ten Pub in Madison, WI and ordered their Cuban Pulled Pork Panini while watching the Badger football team. Unfortunately they lost…but my sandwich was a winner! My recipe is adapted from these two sources.

Pulled Pork
1) Cook pork (tenderloin, shoulder, or butt) in Crockpot in enough root beer to cover meat on low for approximately 8 hrs
2) Drain most liquid and remove visible fat
3) Shred pork and mix with favorite BBQ sauce
4) Chop and mix in banana peppers, jalepenos, and pickles (not dill)
5) Serve with any bread, on a salad, or as a panini with cheddar cheese

These make great leftovers (which I eat A LOT of). They also freeze well in plastic bags. Speaking of leftovers, it is time to make my breakfast and lunch before our night walk with Moose and Frankie.



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